Kim Chiu insecure daw kay kris Bernal.Could it
be true.
According to our sources napapadalas
daw ang mga tanong ni kim about kris .It seems daw na treatened ang Kapamila princess sa papasikat pa lamang na kapuso Primetime actress.Matatandaan ding pinag tatapat ang kimerald at Krisjur love teams.

Kris Aquino Napaiyak!


Tv-host actress and the queen of all media Kristina Bernadett Cojuanco Aquino Yap suffered bruises while taping for her upcoming television show, "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo."

This is due to her action scene in the Manila Zoo.Aquino said in her show, “SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon,” that she had bruises on her right arm and leg after doing one of the scenes.

“Nagkalasug-lasog talaga ang katawan ko… Gumulong gulong ako sa gitna ng Manila Zoo. Kung bakit malalaman niyo kapag nanood kayo ng 'Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo,'" she said.

It was, however, “worth it,” she said. "But sobrang worth it dahil ang ganda ganda ng eksena. Kaya dapat abangan niyo.”

But according to her she enjoyed it since this is all for the benifit of that upcoming kapamilya show.

Sam Pinto, Tamis ng Unang halik


Sexy and hot kissing photo of PBB house mate Sam Pinto catches the attention of internet viewers.
This Hot kissing photo of Ms Sam Pinto is said to be originally from a thread from
last year but now lang napansin because ngayon lang sumikat si Sam.
DLSU Green Archers player Simon Atkins is the man in the photo, Atkins is the former boyfriend of Sam.

Estrada Resume or Not!


Former President estradas 3 disqualification case reaches the Supream Coart.
former President dis qualification will be given this January of 2010. This disqualification case
will decide if Estrada will be classified as just a noicesance candidate

New Gun From Senator Meriam


All miriam wants for Christmas is Gun! Dahil narin siguro sa naging banta sa kanya noong nakalipas
na araw Baril ang natangap na regalo ng naturang senadora.She said her husband Narciso Jr., a presidential adviser, gifted her with a "HK" or Heckler & Koch handgun.

"Binigyan ako ng asawa ko ng mas mabigat na baril. It's an HK (My husband gave me a powerful firearm. It's an HK)," Santiago said in an interview on dzXL radio.

Heckler & Koch is a German defense firm that makes small firearms such as the MP5 submachine gun, G3 automatic rifle and the G36 assault rifle.
It also makes the MP7 personal defense weapon, USP series of handguns and the high-precision PSG1 sniper rifle.

This is said to caused by a deathtreat from a cabinet member in the Arroyo administration.

Claudine Uminit Ang Ulo Kay Mark!


In her interview in 24 oras in GMA 7 ex kapamilya and star magic actress Claudine Barreto
admited that she was offended about the attitude problem of His former Boy friend Mark
Anthony Fernandez according to her “I did not call for this meeting, he called for this meeting... naging 2 pm, naging 4, and then naging walang Mark…so ‘yon….wala rin kaming plano na hintayin siya,". It seems that this upcoming viva film movie is havind hard time between its stars.

Sikrit ni Manny Pakyaw


Source: Joaquin Henson,
-- It took nutritionist and jeet kune do instructor Teri Tom to unravel seven-time world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao’s secret of success in the ring.

Tom joined conditioning coach Alex Ariza’s team for Pacquiao’s fight against Oscar de la Hoya last year and immediately made an impact in making him stronger and faster despite adding weight to his body. She remained with the team for Pacquiao’s bouts against Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto.

“I think Manny is an example of a perfect marriage between hard work and genetics that truly maximizes someone’s potential,” Tom told The STAR from her base in Los Angeles. “Manny’s obviously got some serious fast-twitch muscle fibers - that’s God-given. But he’s also got an incredible work ethic and a brilliant trainer in Freddie Roach.”

Tom, who earned a Master’s degree in nutrition science at California State-Los Angeles after graduating summa cum laude at UCLA, credited Ariza for masterminding Pacquiao’s physical conditioning program.

Ariza said the exercises that he puts Pacquiao through in the gym are elements of a comprehensive program formulated with Tom and another associate Andrea Macias, an expert in isometrics.

“Alex and I are very much on the same page about how to ring training and sports nutrition in boxing to the level of other sports,” she said. “Alex foisted me on to his fighters like Manny and Amir Khan. With Manny, we were initially met with a little resistance. But he knew he had to do something different to move up in weight for theDe la Hoya fight so, you do what you got to do.”

Tom said it wasn’t too difficult adjusting Pacquiao’s body weight to the requirements of each fight. The limit for the De la Hoya fight was 147 pounds but it was 140 for Hatton and 145 for Cotto.

“We just monitor his body composition from week to week,” said Tom, a Bruce Lee disciple. “If we see something we don’t like, we change it. Alex is with him, like the show’s title, 24.7, so he’s able to tell me what’s going on with Manny’s intake pretty accurately.”

When Pacquiao trained in Baguio about a month before moving camp to the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles for the Cotto fight, Tom didn’t make the trip but continued to monitor his body composition.

“Alex called me from the Philippines when they were a few weeks into training and said that it was going to be an amazing fight,” said Tom. “Still, I was surprised at how well he took Cotto’s punches. He just looked so strong in camp, we were pretty confident.”

Tom said what was most impressive in Pacquiao’s showing against Cotto was his ability to take the Puerto Rican’s hardest shots.

“You know what surprised me the most was Manny’s granite chin,” she continued. “He took some shots the likes of which I’ve never seen him take before and he just kept going - completely unfazed. I knew he was tough but I was really impressed by that.”

Tom said working as a team is imperative in providing a fighter total support from the conditioning end.

“When I head over to Wild Card, Freddie will sometimes ask me how I think things are going or give me a heads up about things we should give special attention to,” she explained. “Every week, during camp, I’ll measure body composition. Then, I feed the numbers into a chart and I let Alex know where we’re at. If we see a number we don’t like, then we’ll make a change. But we try not to impose too many changes on a fighter’s diet if we can help it. Just enough to get the desired result. I’ll also go to the conditioning workouts in case I have to fill in for Alex if he’s got fighters with conflicting schedules. I keep up with what he’s doing in case I have to run the workouts if he’s not out of town for a fight.”

In Pacquiao’s diet for De la Hoya, Tom increased the frequency of his meals and switched his supplements. She introduced a protein shake of about 20 grams in the morning before jogging and another 20 grams after his workout in the afternoon. There was also a mid-morning snack, usually an egg sandwich. The goal was to build his muscle mass without diminishing his speed and power. If the proof of the pudding is in the eating, then the diet worked like a charm because Pacquiao was hardly threatened in disposing ofDe la Hoya.

Tom’s book “Martial Arts Nutrition – A Precision Guide to Fueling Your Fighting Edge” is available in local bookstores. The 192-pager features a chapter on Roach and a profile on Pacquiao with his body composition chart.

Mt, Mayon May Erupt this Chistmas


Mayon Volcano May errupt this chrismas. This is the latest report from Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs).

By 7am of today, Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology has recorded more than a thousand of volcanic earthquakes.Accordibg t some sources since last week, the authorities has warned people living within the 6-kilometer to 8-kilometer danger zones to evacuate the area. It should be free from any human activity.

The massive explosions produced grayish to light brown ash columns that went as high as 100 meters to 1 kilometer above the craters top point.

Did you know that more thanover 40 eruptions has been recorded ever since 1616.
Making Mt. Mayon as Philippines most active Volcano.



Super G enters PBB house, Annin Ucatis Former Big Brother Germany house mate had just successfully entered pbb house.After the 2 Big Brother swaps, a new notion of 'Big Brother' will be introduced this Monday, this is Ex-Housemate Exchange, which was done by many countries.
Anina is a former po*n star in germany. Anung init kaya ang ihahatid ni Anina sa Pbb boys lalo na kay hermes yan ang paka abangan.



Sam milby ang Piolo Pascual mainit ang PASKO. according to the latest news Piolo Pascual is
Resuming having Dates with the Mega Daughter KC Conception while Sam Milby according to
Some sources is once again Dating with Ms Anne Curtis his former Girlfriend. Sam and Piolo,
seems to be moving on with there previous love stories!